Thursday, 1 December 2011

Monday, 28 November 2011

Con Mucho Carino

Really freaky postcard my mam sent me from Benidorm. The cat's tongue freaks me out. it could have been just a liitle short cat one popping out still would have been able to lick the dogs tongue. which is pretty odd in itself. dont like the idea of puss and pooch pumping their parts together.
Anyway, I drew it and that kind of was the catharsis i needed to get over it.

Foamy Bin

You've heard of Dusty Bin and also, well, i don't think there is any more famous bins... but here i give you Foamy Bin, soon to be star of numurous 'Adventures of Foamy Bin' comics and comedy sidekick to Alan Carr.


Illustration I did for a Salford music festival called Sounds From the Other City. This was the accompanying booklet's cover image, and inspired the trouserless riots in which four people were killed.

Beady Eyed Bastard

Say what you like about Liam G and his (mostly) godawful music. but his face is fantastic and i could stare at it all day and not get bored.

AUDIMAX magazine

Commission i got for German student magazine, Audimax. Never knew why they wanted aliens with food in the illustrations. Oh, those crazy Germans!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Simon Weston

The guy underneath is Simon Weston before the Falklands took his face off. he didn't have the moustache back then though. I just thought i'd give him a decent moustache...

Pedigree Chugs

I got commissioned to do an album cover for Post-rock nutbags, Mr Fist.
Then they changed the album title, so this may never get used.
Shame, that.

One with your top off and three from anywhere else.

Soz Rachel, didn't like the E in your surname being where it was so i moved it. Hope you don't mind.

Pass the tanning butter